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Royal Highness From grief to green – A Dispensary Near Me steps in (Bernalillo)

In the heart of Bernalillo, a unique venture took root, entwining personal tragedy with the

spirit of a small community. Royal Highness Cannabis Boutique, is a dream born from the

bond between siblings and a tribute to lost loved ones.

Octavian Valencia, a Santa Fe native, envisioned Royal Highness with his sister, as a sanctuary not just for the sale of cannabis, but as a memorial to their father, who passed away in 2018. And later, to his sister, who met an untimely death in January 2022. Despite these hardships, Octavian pressed forward, driven by the desire to keep their memories alive and share their story through this venture.

Royal Highness, named in honor of Octavian’s sister, became known not just for its product but for its ethos—treating every customer like royalty, embodying a culture of love, respect, and acceptance.

Royal Highness thrived on personal connections. The boutique's interior featured a chandelier reminiscent of a grandmother's parlor, and a waiting room with coffee and snacks,a comforting atmosphere where the budtenders greeted customers by their first name.

The dispensary had the right customer vibe but the challenges of over-regulation and high operational costs strained finances leading Octavian to enter a partnership with Trevor Donaldson, a supplier turned mentor. Today they navigate the tumultuous cannabis industry.Together they are fighting for the dispensary's place in the community. The small-town politics and the fickle tastes of regulatory boards who recently pounced on the dispensary when they painted it paradise green.

The essence of Royal Highness Cannabis Boutique, now A Dispensary Near Me, transcends the sale of cannabis. It is a story of overcoming adversity, honoring loved ones through perseverance, and creating a space where everyone treats each other with dignity and kindness. As Octavian and Trevor look to the future, their vision is to maintain the spirit of Royal Highness, ensuring its legacy as a place to buy cannabis products and experience a community that cherishes every customer as family.

Dispensary Near Me is located in the Town of Bernalillo at 413 South Camino Del Pueblo Bernalillo, Next to the Family Dollar.

Dispensary Near Me Phone Number - (505) 508-5787

Royal Highness From grief to green – A Dispensary Near Me steps in was written by Tamra Testerman

Royal Highness From grief to green – A Dispensary Near Me steps in (Bernalillo)
Dispensary Near Me Bernalillo

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It's the closest thing to visiting my dealer / friends back in the day. There are a dozen dispensaries in Bernalillo and this is the one I visit regularly because of the staff, quality, and visionary management. Next I'd love to see an onsite consumption lounge. No competitor can compare to the curb appeal of DNM.

Me gusta
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